an image of a woman wearing a head full of pearls
a man wearing a silver helmet and pearls
three naked men with cherries on their heads
a man with a helmet and pearls posing in front of a backdrop
a mannequin standing in a field of tomatoes
a man wearing a helmet with balls on it
a woman with headphones on her head
a mannequin wearing a fur hat and pearls
a woman in a white fur coat sitting in a glass box
a woman wearing a helmet with pearls on it
a mannequin wearing a helmet with pearls and pearls
a woman in a white fur coat posing in a mirror
a woman in a white dress surrounded by pearls
a man in a white coat and pearls posing in front of a curtain



Wayne Edfors, known in the digital art world as GRIDdriven, has been at the forefront of artistic innovation since two thousand eleven, mastering the art of creation on an iPhone to produce over a million pieces. His artistic expression began as a meditation on time and space, evolving into a profound method of communication with significant influences and the world at large. With the advent of AI, Wayne's art has transcended previous boundaries, bringing to life futuristic visions of humanity, replete with Lucite-style helmets and adorned with pearls.

In two thousand sixteen, a significant highlight was his collaboration with the Sacramento Kings, creating eight striking seven-foot square artworks for the opening of the Golden One Center's Lexus Lounge. This venture into the fusion of art with communal identity was a precursor to his current exploration of AI's potential in art.

Creating up to five thousand images weekly, GRIDdriven's portfolio is a testament to his relentless creativity and the limitless potential AI brings to the canvas. Looking ahead, Wayne aspires to partner with pioneering organizations like OpenAI, to delve deeper into the synergy between art and technology.

Wayne Edfors extends an invitation to all to engage with his digital canvases, where each piece is a pixel in the vast narrative of visual storytelling he weaves—where technology meets soul, and every image is a doorway to new dimensions.


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License for Artwork Downloads

* Personal Use Only: The artwork provided by GRIDdriven is for personal, non-commercial use. This means you can display the art in your home, office, or personal digital spaces, but you cannot use it for commercial purposes without explicit permission.

* Request for Commercial Use: If you wish to use the artwork for commercial purposes, please contact us for permission. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis, and additional terms or fees may apply.

* Copyright: Purchasing or downloading artwork does not transfer copyright or ownership rights. All artworks remain the intellectual property of GRIDdriven/Wayne Edfors.

* No Alterations: Unless explicitly granted, the artwork may not be altered, edited, or used as a basis for other works.